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Aaron Patch
Aaron Patch
Group Marketing Director

White Paper: The Hygienic Design of Food Industry Brushware


Minimising Contamination, Maximising Food Safety
The Hygienic Design of Food Industry Brushware - the good, the bad and the ugly

by Debra Smith
Global Hygiene Specialist - Vikan A/S

Cleaning is a critical step in the management of food safety. Consequently, the correct selection of cleaning equipment by the food manufacturing and food service industries is essential to minimize the risk of product contamination, and aid compliance to relevant regulatory, guidance and standard requirements.

This white paper Vikan will help you understand:

  1. Hygienic design criteria
  2. Hygienic design assessment of food industry brushware
  3. Compare the different types brushware used in the food industry
  4. The benefits of using UST products in hygiene critical areas

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