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White Paper: Selection, Care, and Maintenance Guide for Food Contact Tools and Equipment


In food processing, proper maintenance is important for assuring a sanitary processing facility. Properly selecting and using the right tools and equipment for each assigned task is essential to success, as well as ongoing care, cleaning, and maintenance of those tools and equipment.

Remco has developed a guide to proper selection, care, and maintenance of food contact tools and equipment to assist food processors in considering the related aspects of such equipment. Since hygienic cleaning is a necessary step in maintaining an efficient, clean and code-compliant processing facility, it is important that the proper tools, cleaning and storage methods, and maintenance practices are utilized to assure the highest level of integrity.

This guide will help you to:

  1. Identify features that contribute to the hygienic design of food contact tools such as shovels, brushes, scrapers, pails, and more
  2. Learn the basics about proper storage that contributes to sanitary conditions instead of creating more potential risk
  3. Better understand industry standards regarding the proper cleaning of food contact equipment and tools
  4. Recognize the signs that it is time to replace food contact tools

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