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Vikan® Releases EDGE Bench Brushes 4587 And 4589

Remco Products is pleased to announce new brush designs from Vikan®, a global leader in advanced hygienic cleaning solutions. The new styles, 4587 and 4589, are fully color-coded bench brushes. The 4587 is a soft brush and the 4589 has medium bristles.

The 4587 bench brush is great for dusting dry, fine materials, such as flour or powdered sugar. The medium bristles of the 4589 make it perfect for sweeping up moist or medium-sized materials, such as sugar, chocolate, pastry and vegetable peelings.

The new designs will replace existing model numbers: 4587 will replace 4586, and 4589 will replace 4588. The 4587 comes in green, blue, red, white, yellow, and black. The 4589 is available in green, blue, red, white, yellow, orange, purple, and black.

These new designs follow a series of updates to Vikan’s brush line. The new updated brush styles are part of the EDGE brush range. The EDGE brushes are designed to maximize efficiency and are more ergonomically friendly. In addition to the new baker’s brushes, there are long-handled, short-handled, and scrub hand brushes currently in the EDGE line. They all feature low water absorption polyester bristles secured with stainless steel staples. The block is made from solid polypropylene and all materials are FDA compliant.

Remco Products has been designing and manufacturing quality plastic products for more than 30 years. With the introduction of the one-piece polypropylene shovel, Remco Products established itself as an industry pioneer. As the exclusive supplier to the U.S. of Vikan® products, Remco Products serves a prominent group of distributors in a variety of markets, including food processing, safety, industrial and pharmaceuticals. For more information, please call 317.876.9856, or visit our website,