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Amit M. Kheradia
Amit M. Kheradia
Environmental Health and Sanitation Manager

Remco’s Tools are Playing a Critical Role in Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution

Remco has proudly provided tools and guidance to help food manufactures mitigate the risk of Covid-19 in production facilities while maintaining their high food safety and quality standards. Now, Remco’s material handling tools – hand scoops and shovels – are playing a critical role in the distribution of Covid vaccines across the U.S.

In a monumental logistics effort, millions of Covid vaccine doses are being moved from manufacturers to administering sites across the U.S. In this distribution process some vaccines must be transported and stored at extremely cold temperatures. Moving the vaccines through the cold chain and meeting delivery timelines while maintaining these temperatures requires the vaccines to be shipped in specially designed cartons that are packed with dry ice.

Working with dry ice presents a unique challenge to the distribution system in that it can’t be safely handled without tools. This task is where Remco’s scoops and shovels are finding use. Remco’s FDA-compliant scoops and shovels are built to handle the products and conditions often found in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

To meet the needs of pharmaceutical distributors, dry ice manufacturers, logistics companies, and front-line healthcare workers, Remco will deliver tens-of-thousands of scoops and shovels across the next several weeks. Remco’s capacity to scale up its U.S.-based manufacturing and distribution is an essential factor in getting our tools into the hands of the people who need them.

We are honored to play a small part in the global fight against Covid and we look forward to our continued role in providing the tools that help keep food production safe.

Additional information about shipping and handling Covid vaccines: