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Remco Releases Educational Information About HACCP

ZIONSVILLE, IND (August 28, 2013)- In order to keep the food supply secure, food safety professionals must understand and implement several very complex regulations. Remco has created resources to help food processors better understand those regulations that their facilities must deal with on a daily basis. Primarily dealing with HACCP regulations, these resources help those in the food processing industry determine what these regulations mean for them and their business.


The Essentials of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

Remco’s white paper, HACCP Planning for Food Safety, details the essentials of HACCP planning, describing the seven HACCP principles. There is also an exercise to work through the fundamental thought process that must be done to fully understand how HACCP works. Readers will understand how to evaluate hazards and identify CCPs, create a hazard analysis worksheet and maintain a HACCP plan. You can find the white paper here: White Papers

In addition to the white paper, Remco also has three blog posts discussing HACCP regulations; Five Things You Might Not Know About HACCP and Building Your HACCP Plan, Part 1 and Part 2. These posts may help those who are just beginning to learn about HACCP and the challenges it presents, as well as those familiar with the process. You can find these and many other posts here:




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