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Whitney Lee
Whitney Lee
Inbound Marketing Specialist

Remco Products Partners with Top Dog Manufacturing to add Hygienic Worker Protection

Remco Products expands its color-coded tool selection to include high-quality PPE through Top Dog Manufacturing

Remco Products has partnered with Top Dog to offer a line of food-safe aprons, gowns, and sleeves. Top Dog offers a line of reusable die-cut color-coded worker protection gear that perfectly complements Remco and Vikan’s core color offerings.

Top Dog’s high-quality reusable garments are made from 100% polypropylene, which makes them durable and hygienic. There are no seams to come loose and no crevices for bacteria to build up in. After use, they can be put in the washer and dryer for easy cleaning. Since the garments don’t absorb moisture and aren’t affected by paint, chemicals, bleach, ammonia, acids, food coloring, glue, and more, the washer and dryer will be enough to get them ready for use again.

These polyurethane garments are:

  • Food safe (FDA-compliant)
  • Reusable, for around 3 months with regular use
  • Virtually non-stick and non-staining
  • Resistant to chemical and acidic sanitation products
  • Impervious to animal fats and degreasers
  • Odor-free and have no off-gassing
  • Non-porous—won’t host bacteria or mold
  • Washer and dryer safe
  • Able to be used in cold and hot environments without cracking or stiffening
  • Easily repairable
  • Able to return to its original shape after stretching
  • Completely latex free
  • Recyclable
  • Waterproof
  • Highly abrasive resistant

Remco is proud to add such high-quality products to its color-coded sanitation line. The five colors Top Dog offers pair with the core colors of Remco and Vikan tools, increasing the effectiveness of end users’ HACCP plans. Color-coded garments provide food manufacturers an additional tool for quick visual verification. This helps ensure that the right people are using the right tools for specified zones. These products are durable and hygienic, making them an excellent complement to Remco Products’ cleaning and material handling tools.

About Remco Products

Remco provides color-coded tools for cleaning and material handling where hygiene and safety are critical. The introduction of a food-safe poly shovel more than 30 years ago established Remco as an industry pioneer of hygienic design. In addition to its hygienic shovels, scoops, and scrapers, Remco features Vikan’s advanced line of brushes, brooms, and squeegees. Together with Vikan, Remco supports color-coding plans by offering more tools in more colors than any other supplier. Remco also provides training and support to end users, helping ensure regulatory compliance. Regardless of an operation’s size or complexity, Remco has the tools and expertise to help execute HACCP color-coding plans.

About Top Dog

Located in the Prince Edward Island province of Canada, Top Dog Manufacturing uses pure polyether polyurethane because of its suitability for industries in which hygiene is a top concern. The company’s aprons, gowns, and sleeves are all CFIA, FDA, and USDA compliant.