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Remco Product’s Blog Series Teaches Ten Things To Know About Color-Coding

ZIONSVILLE, IND. (July 25, 2013) To make color-coding food processing facilities easier, and to give processors more tools at their disposal, Remco Products has published a blog series, 10 Things to Know About Color-Coding. The series goes in-depth on ten important things every food processor should know about color-coding.

Regulations require food processors to have documentation stating their HACCP plan or their GMPs to regulatory bodies. Color-coding can support and enhance this requirement by showing a level of due diligence for food safety above and beyond requirements. Color-coding is a workplace organization system using colors to differentiate between zones in a facility. Color-coding can be especially effective for those facilities concerned with cross-contamination from pathogens and allergens.

Of the many things food processors need to know about color-coding, this series lists ten of the most crucial pieces of information. Some of the information includes how all types of food processing facilities can benefit from color-coding, the fact that color-coding programs are looked upon favorably by visiting authorities and customers, and that color-coding helps to distinguish between critical zones and control points, among others. One part lists best practices to follow when starting or revising, a color-coding program.

The series is at, beginning with the series introduction, which lists the ten foundational topics.


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