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Amit M. Kheradia
Amit M. Kheradia
Environmental Health and Sanitation Manager

Remco and Vikan Add Brush Manufacturing to the U.S.

Remco is committed to being a leading supplier of sanitation and material handling tools to the food processing industry. As a part of this commitment, we are now manufacturing Vikan brooms and brushes in the U.S.

Over the past several months, we renovated our existing manufacturing area to accommodate state-of-the-art brush machines and trained employees in the manufacturing processes. In the last two months, we started producing several of our most popular brooms and brushes here in Indiana. These brooms and brushes meet the same quality standards that you have come to expect from every Vikan product.

We are confident that accomplishing our goal of producing more products in the States will provide lasting benefits to our customers, and we are excited about the future opportunities that U.S.-based manufacturing will create.