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Remco Adds 16 Oz. Color-Coded Scoop

Remco now offers a 16 oz. scoop

After multiple requests throughout the years, Remco Products is pleased to offer a fourth hand scoop as a complement to its existing line of hand and bowl scoops. The new model has a 16 oz. capacity and maintains all the qualities you have come to know and expect from Remco’s current scoop line up.

All of the color-coded scoops from Remco are made from FDA-compliant material. They are non-sparking, chemical resistant and will not rust or corrode. Because of their one-piece design, they are extremely sturdy and durable and also hygienic, since there are no seams or cracks for bacterial growth. Each product features a raised handle with a thumb grip, an ergonomic design that helps reduce strain on the hands and wrists.