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Carsten Bo Pedersen
Carsten Bo Pedersen
Managing Director

Meet the Vikan Green Team


In 2018 Vikan’s Green Team was created. The Green Team gathers ideas, implements new initiatives, and ensures that sustainability remains a Vikan focus. The team consists of employees from across the organisation and from around the globe. We believe insights from different departments strengthens the Green Team, helping them to pinpoint opportunities for measurable action throughout the entire company.

At Vikan, we strive to minimize our environmental footprint by using renewable energy and recycled and renewable materials when technically feasible. We feel that this is part of caring for our employees and maintaining high business ethics standards.

Focus areas within the Green Team

The Green Team created a Sustainability Roadmap to ensure the company follows a structured path of working through green initiatives. The Roadmap includes prioritised initiatives that are supported by performance indicators and a professional reporting structure. This helps us prioritise initiatives based on importance, impact, and feasibility.

Therefore, we have identified five different focus areas to work on in a structured manner to ensure progress within each of these fields:


Annual CSR Report

Vikan values measurable progress, so we find it important to be transparent and report on the progress made throughout the year. Every year, an Annual CSR Report is published that provides an overview of the progress made the previous year. We recently published the CSR Report from 2022. Some of the highlights from the 2022 Report are:

  • More than 90% of our injection moulded products within the Classic Range (where technically feasible) were converted into regenerated plastic
  • Vikan’s Virtual Site Survey, which reduces sales travel, won the SOFHT (Society of Food Hygiene and Technology) award for the best new product/service in 2022
  • Mapping of GHG emissions from the Skive site – provides a general overview of Vikan’s CO2 emissions, which shows us where to focus our initiatives

To see more initiatives and more details about Vikan’s progress throughout 2022, please read the full 2022 Annual CSR Report available on our webpage.