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Whitney Lee
Whitney Lee
Inbound Marketing Specialist

Vikan's Virtual Site Surveys Win SOFHT Award

ZIONSVILLE, IN – Remco is pleased to announce that the Virtual Site Survey pioneered by Vikan won the Best New Product/Service from SOFHT. Virtual Site Surveys have received positive feedback from Remco's customers in the U.S. and Canada, as well as from Vikan's international customers.

The award recognizes the innovation and usefulness of the Virtual Site Survey, in which our hygiene specialists use the Microsoft HoloLens platform to perform a site audit without having to travel to, or physically enter a facility. Virtual Site Surveys have all the same benefits as in-person Site Surveys and can help customers prepare for audits, solve specific cleaning challenges, and create or update color coding plans.

About Virtual Site Surveys

The free Site Survey service has always been an effective way to optimize a facility’s cleaning and sanitation operations—protecting customers against auditors and helping to solve hygiene challenges. Now, our revolutionary Virtual Site Survey technology lets customers benefit from a totally new way of engaging with us: one that offers greater convenience and no health risks.

Powered by Microsoft HoloLens, the Virtual Site Survey, introduced in 2020, uses an advanced headset and augmented reality to let us see food processing plants through the eyes of workers—performing a remote review of cleaning operations, identifying potential problems, and recommending a plan to help defend its safety, business, and reputation.

We ship customers the HoloLens device, and the service only requires a stable Wi-Fi connection. This makes for a faster, more convenient experience and supports an unlimited number of users, so everyone who wants to be involved in the meeting can be. The recordable, reviewable meeting provides practical, real-time solutions. After the meeting, customers will be able to download their custom color coding plans and suggested product lists from our website.

About the Society of Food Hygiene and Technology Awards

The SOFHT awards have recognized the top innovators, auditors, and companies in the food industry and its associated industries for 19 years. The awards were judged by a panel of experts from SOFHT’s membership base, and winners were announced at the Annual SOFHT Lunch in London on November 17th.

Vikan, Remco’s parent company, previously won a SOFHT award in 2016 for the introduction of the Ultra Safe Technology brush line, which maximizes hygienic design and food safety along with efficacy. We’re extremely pleased to be able to announce our second win in the Best New Product/Service Award category.

About the Best New Product/Service Award

This category awards any food industry-related product, approach, or system that is innovative. The nominees must be measurably different from any others already on the market. The nominees must have at least two endorsements from food industry professionals, must already be on the market, and have a proven track record of success.