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Amit M. Kheradia - Environmental Health and Sanitation Manager

Essentials of Drain Sanitation for Food Production Facilities

Drains can present specific challenges to the overall sanitation efforts within food sites, as they can act as collection sinks and harbourage points for contaminants such as microbial pathogens and biofilms from where they may grow and spread to other areas of the facilities...

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Debra Smith - Global Hygiene Specialist

Updating Campden BRI Guideline 55

One of the great things about working for an organisation like Vikan is that I get to support the food industry and advance food safety through many different avenues. I was involved with a CampdenBRI member-funded research project to update guidelines.

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Stine Lønnerup Bislev - Previous Hygiene and Compliance Manager at Vikan

Mechanical action – an essential factor in biofilm removal

Do you know how important the mechanical action applied during cleaning is in removing biofilms? If you don’t already know, you’ll find the answer here.

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Debra Smith - Global Hygiene Specialist

Manual cleaning has never been more important

Advice to hotels, restaurants and catering (HoReCa) establishments on hygiene measures prior to re-opening.

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Andy Freer - National Sales Manager, UK

Dealing with glass debris in food processing operations

Food industry customers often ask us about the best way to clean up glass breakages and the resulting debris. Fortunately, Vikan has experienced Customer Service and Technical Sales Teams, and a dedicated Hygiene Team ready to help you with good practical advice about this.

Aaron Patch - Group Marketing Director

Buckets, buckets everywhere

Don’t rush. Take a breath and start paying careful attention to the buckets in used in the food and beverage sector.

Alasdair Scott - Regional Export Manager

Efficient and Effective Wall cleaning in your factory

When it comes to cleaning walls in your factory, forget hiring a cherry picker and scrubbing with hand cloths, Vikan have a solution which will remove dirt easily and effectively in a short space of time.

Lotte Jensen - Marketing Project Manager

Do your brushes clog?

Read Vikan’s recommendations on how to avoid this frustrating problem.

Alasdair Scott - Regional Export Manager

Hygiene Tool Storage – what’s right for you?

Storage of cleaning equipment is a hot topic within the food industry and quite rightly so! What are the best options available for you?

Lotte Jensen - Marketing Project Manager

Which squeegee do I choose?

Finding the right Vikan squeegee for the right job helps you raise hygiene standards as well as boosting your employees’ job satisfaction.

Whitney Lee - Inbound Marketing Specialist

How to Prepare a New Cleaning Tool for Use

New cleaning tools—especially those sealed in plastic pouches like the ones from Vikan and Remco—often look like they’re ready for use right out of the bag.