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Take a firm grip

Improved ergonomics and two new lengths -
The popular Vikan handle just got even better.

A Handle for All Purposes

With five lengths to choose from, there’s an Ultra Hygienic Handle for every task.
From food preparation surfaces to floors, every food and beverage production facility presents a wide range of cleaning and food handling challenges. That’s why we expanded our range of Ultra Hygienic Handles with new lengths: 26" and 40" for use in short or narrow workspaces, and with food handling utensils like paddles and scrapers. We have also introduced some new features to improve grip, comfort, and usability – making the best handle on the market even better.
Thanks to the Vikan compatible screw thread, you can use your Ultra Hygienic Handle with any Vikan broom, scraper, squeegee, or food hoe – giving you endless tool combinations for any cleaning or food handling task.

  • Lengths: 26", 40", 51", 59", 67"
  • Diameter: Ø 1.26"
  • Thread: Standard Vikan-compatible screw thread

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A Solid Grip on a Lighter Handle

Lightweight, easy to grip, and easy to clean, our Ultra Hygienic Handles will help your cleaning and production staff raise hygiene standards and eliminate microbial and cross-contamination issues.
From the high-quality material used in their construction to their ergonomic design, our family of five Ultra Hygienic Handles has been developed to deliver an outstanding user experience. Light and robust, they are easy to use for long periods and include a number of design features that improve grip and usability. They are made from a single piece of molded plastic with no joints or crevices that makes them extremely easy to clean and minimizes the risk of cross-contamination between tasks.

  • Comfortable work experience with lightweight fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene and an ergonomic design
  • Better grip with vertical ridges and an easy-to-clean matt finish
  • Improved hygiene thanks to the single-molded construction
  • Improved ergonomics for a wide range of tasks
  • Color coded to support HACCP principles

Ultimate Hygienic Construction

Our Ultra Hygienic Handles are part of our ambition to create the safest and most hygienic cleaning tools and utensils for the food and beverage industry.
Food and beverage companies must maintain very high levels of cleanliness and organization throughout their production facilities at all times, even during busy periods. Many companies need to control allergens, foreign bodies, microbial contamination and waste, and eliminate the risk of cross-contamination.
Our cleaning and food handling products help you improve production performance, raise hygiene standards, and eliminate cross-contamination issues. Specific benefits include:

  • Reducing the risk of food contamination incidents
  • Complying with auditor requirements
  • Reducing the risk of product rejection or recall
  • Complying with FDA and EU food contact material regulations

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