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Site Surveys

Colour Coding Plan

The Remco Site Survey

If you have a factory audit scheduled for the near future, you’ll naturally want to satisfy auditors and earn a stamp of approval for your hygiene operations.

A Remco Site Survey is a great way to improve the certainty of passing – and in fact to move beyond just passing audits to getting ahead of the field as a hygiene leader. A Site Survey involves a thorough inspection of your plant with a view to identifying and solving hygiene problems before the auditors find them. 

What we check for

A Remco Site Survey is a comprehensive review of your entire hygiene operations.

Color-coding system - Do your system and cleaning tool inventory really support your risk management targets?

Regulatory compliance - Make sure your tools meet all applicable standards and regulatory requirements.

Gaps and optimizations - Identify missing tools, and improve maintenance and usage practices.

Better tools for the job? - Is there a better tool available for the job at hand?

Cleaning tool storage - Protect your tools and improve hygiene through proper tool storage.

Schedule your Site Survey today 

7 great reasons why you should schedule a Remco Site Survey today

  1. Improve and standardize your hygiene setup
  2. Get a complete overview of your cleaning tools
  3. Implement a color-coding plan or update your existing one
  4. Prepare more effectively for audits
  5. Rationalize your cleaning tool deployment
  6. Solve specific cleaning challenges
  7. Move hygiene further up the agenda at your plant!


Book a site survey

Your Site Survey
Report Includes

  • Survey summary

  • Location overview

  • Factory layout color-coding plan

  • Remco recommendations

  • Suggested order form

  • Follow-up survey proposal


Colour Coding Plan
Vikan product recommendations

Vikan’s guide to color coding

This guide gives you a brief introduction to the benefits of color coding – and some practical tips on how to put it into practice. 

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Color-coded segregation

Not yet using color-coded segregation to ensure hygiene, compliance and food safety? Learn more about the Vikan innovation that has become an industry standard.

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Vikan Hygiene color-coding range

Vikan’s Hygiene range of color-coded cleaning tools are used by food & beverage companies worldwide to ensure cleaning tool segregation and improve food safety.

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Site Survey

Hygiene and food safety expertise

An in-house hygiene department, a huge bank of food-safety and hygiene knowledge, collaboration with specialists worldwide and lively participation in seminars and conferences make Vikan a world authority on food safety and hygiene.

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