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Selecting your cleaning tools 

Remco products are purpose-designed precision tools, making it very important to choose just the right tool for any given job. If you’re in doubt about which tool to choose, your distributor or Remco representative will be happy to advise you. The tool selection guides below can also help point you in the right direction for the cleaning job you face.

The four S’s

Before you select a cleaning tool, there are certain key factors to consider.

Yellow Broom

What exactly is it that you’ll need to clean away, and what risks are involved?

UST - Surface

On which types of surfaces are soils likely to gather?

Standards required

Standards required
What hygienic standards are you required to live up to?


What will your staff need to do their job effectively and efficiently?

What to look for in a cleaning tool

For a cleaning tool to really do its job, it has to meet some very high standards.

Fit for purpose

Fit for purpose
Is it the most appropriate tool for that specific purpose?

Good ergonomics

Good ergonomics
Does it help ensure good health and safety practices?


Easy to clean
Is it designed to support good hygiene practices?

Hygienic Hand Squeegee

High quality
Will it keep on performing well for a long time?

We’re here to help

Remco experts are on standby to help you if you ever feel unsure about which tool to choose for a given job.

Need more information? 

Contact us.

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Correct use of cleaning tools

Correct use of cleaning tools

A cleaning tool is only as effective if it is used properly. Make sure you have a validated cleaning program, and that you use your tools optimally for the cleaning job at hand.

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Cleaning tool maintenance

Cleaning tools maintenance

To function optimally throughout their lifecycle, cleaning tools must be cleaned and maintained properly. Find out how to make the most of your Remco products.

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