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Remco Range

Remco began as a family-held company over 35 years ago in the United States. Focused on a single product—a food-safe shovel made from polypropylene; the company kept growing its offerings to include other color-coded tools.

Remco keeps the needs of the food industry and the growing regulation it faces in mind during product development. That’s why Remco tools are all hygienically designed and come in up to 12 colors to support food-safety plans.

From scrapers to scoops and shovels, the Remco line complements Vikan’s own product line perfectly. 

Hygienically Designed Products

  • Fit for purpose
  • Smooth surface finishes
  • No crevices or sharp angles that harbor microorganisms
  • One-piece construction when possible
  • Made of FDA-compliant materials
  • Available in up to 12 colors
Remco Logo

Durable and Worker Friendly

Beyond their hygienic design, food-safe materials, and up to 12 colors, Remco products are the first choice for many in the food industry because of their durability.
Shovels scoop more grain and paddles mix more chocolate because of their high-quality construction and materials.
The ergonomically friendly tools help workers go the extra mile, too, by not putting needless strain on them due to bad tool design.

The Remco Range

Color-coded tools designed with food safety in mind.





Dustpan set

Dustpan Set