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Correct use
cleaning tools

Using Remco cleaning tools

To make sure you get the most out of your Remco cleaning tools, be sure to read any instructions and other documentation that came with the tool.

The Remco cleaning tools you’ve selected should be part of an overall validated cleaning program, developed on-site to address your specific cleaning challenges and based on a concrete risk assessment.

The cleaning program should specify:

  • The equipment and chemicals to use
  • How they should be used
  • How often they should be used
  • Who is responsible for using them
  • What the desired results should be
  • Which methods should be used to assess these results
  • Actions to be taken if anything doesn’t go as planned

The way you conduct your cleaning – including the tools and methods you use – impacts the safety and quality of your final product. When cleaning, it’s important to minimize any risk of cross-contamination from dirty to clean areas and to any open food product.

Using high-pressure hoses and compressed air can result in significant spread of contamination – whereas the use of high-quality manual cleaning tools and vacuum cleaners can help minimize it.

To get the results you need, it’s essential to comply with any instructions provided by Remco, as well as follow your company’s specific cleaning program.

Selection, use & maintenance
of cleaning equipment

For further advice, please see our Hygiene Training Book.

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Remco experts are on standby to help you if you ever feel
unsure about which tool to choose for a given job, or about
the best way to use any particular Remco cleaning tool.

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Selecting the right cleaning tools

Selecting the right cleaning tool

Let us advise you on selecting the right cleaning tool based on soil type, surface type, required standards, and your cleaning staff.

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Cleaning tool maintenance

Cleaning tool maintenance

To function optimally throughout their lifecycle, Remco cleaning tools must be cleaned and maintained properly. Find out how to make the most of your Remco products. 

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