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Cleaning tool maintenance 

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Chemical resistant

Vikan color-coded cleaning tools are tested and approved for use with the most common types of food industry detergents, disinfectants and sanitizers, when used according to the chemical manufacturers’ recommendations for time, temperature and concentration exposure.

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Autoclave safe

Vikan color-coded cleaning tools easily withstand the autoclave temperatures and times normally used to achieve microbial sterilization.

Looking after your Remco and Vikan cleaning tools

The cleaning and maintenance of your cleaning tools are essential for ensuring food safety. This is recognised in Global Food Standard FSSC 22000, which requires that validated cleaning and sanitising programmes be established to ensure that cleaning equipment is cleaned and/or sanitised in accordance with a defined schedule (Clause 11.3). 

Clause 11.2 also stipulates that a preventive and corrective maintenance programme is in place for cleaning and sanitising tools. These are the kind of things you will normally need to consider when cleaning your cleaning equipment. However, any cleaning and maintenance programme you adopt should be based on a concrete risk assessment.

Important notice

Be sure to clean, disinfect, and sterilize a Remco cleaning tool as appropriate
before using it for the first time.

Help is available

The Vikan ‘Optimising food safety through good cleaning tool maintenance’ white paper provides you with a lot of practical information and advice about the best ways to look after manual cleaning tools used in the food industry in order to optimise food safety, and make it easier for you to comply with global food safety requirements.

Download the whitepaper “Cleaning tool maintenance” here.

View and Download whitepaper

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Selecting the right cleaning tool

Let us advise you on selecting the right cleaning tool based on soil type, surface type, required standards, and your cleaning staff.

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Correct use of cleaning tools

A cleaning tool is only as effective if it is used properly. Make sure you have a validated cleaning program, and that you use your tools optimally for the cleaning job at hand.

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Hygienic design of cleaning tools

Vikan was the first to apply hygienic design principles to cleaning tools for food & beverage companies, and the practice is now a requirement for BRC v7, SQF, and FSSC 22000 certification.

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