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Who we are

Remco Products supplies quality color-coded tools for environments where hygiene and efficiency are essential.

The tools supplied by Remco have played a critical role in food safety for more than 35 years. From the start, Remco has helped food manufacturers by providing hygienic, innovative, durable, and efficient tools. Remco also offers its superior tools in a wide range of colors to support color-coding programs. Remco’s color-coded products and unmatched customer support help manufacturers improve food safety and meet regulatory compliance.

Almost since its beginning, Remco has partnered with Vikan—an international leader in producing sanitation tools—to offer a robust selection of tools and solutions to customers throughout North America. In 2018, that partnership grew even closer with Remco joining the Vikan family.

At Remco and Vikan, we value customer support and personal touch—from the people sitting in our offices answering customers’ phone calls to the business development managers who visit customers in the field.

As Vikan’s dedicated presence in North America, Remco will deliver even greater support to our customers. With our combined industry knowledge, world-class manufacturing capabilities, and exceptional customer service, we are even better positioned to help our customers improve their own food safety efforts.

Our purpose

We help keep food production and other hygiene-sensitive
environments cleaner and safer.

The Vikan perspective

“When Vikan visits a food processing plant, we see it through a different set of eyes. Where some see equipment and raw materials, we see risks and opportunities. Where some see brushes, brooms and mops, we see solutions to hygiene challenges. Where some say “your work,” we say “your purpose.” Because people who clean these facilities or otherwise work with hygiene are on the front line of keeping our food a delight to serve and safe to eat.”

— Vikan CEO Carsten Bo Pedersen

Our values

Remco, a Vikan company, is a value-driven organization.

Support, Excellence, Accountability, and Trust encompass the four core values that shape our company culture and direction.
To learn more about how we practice these values, check out our Company Values.

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Hygiene color-coding range

Remco’s Hygiene range of color-coded cleaning tools is used by food & beverage companies to ensure cleaning tool segregation and improve food safety.

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Transport range

The Transport range includes more than 70 professional cleaning tools designed to help you clean the interior and exterior of any type of vehicle effectively and efficiently.

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ColorCore range

ColorCore is a general-purpose, value-oriented line of color-coded cleaning tools from Remco well-suited for use in restaurants, hotels, industrial facilities, and more.