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Moving Towards a Sustainable Future

Here at Vikan, we work for a sustainable future, and we are committed to continually implementing sustainability improvements. Being majority-owned by a charitable foundation, we are a values-driven company that has had a strong will to make a difference ever since our founding in 1898.

The UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) are our blueprint to help achieve a better and more sustainable business and future for us all. We contribute to the UN SDG goals no. 7, 9 and 12.

UN Goals

Vikan Sustainability Policy

Our Sustainability Policy, including our Sustainability Roadmap, guides us on how to integrate sustainability into our organization and daily operations on a continuous basis.

Vikan Sustainability Policy

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Sustainability Roadmap

To achieve our sustainability goals, we have outlined projects, milestones, and key performance indicators. These elements are gathered in our Roadmap, which covers 2022-2025.

Sustainability Roadmap

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Vikan Sustainability Certifications

Read more about the sustainability certifications Vikan has obtained.

Sustainability certifications

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Vikan Environmental Policy

We are in compliance with ISO 14001:2015, and we have a responsible approach to sourcing, consumption and production. We have identified the primary environmental impacts of our business and we are committed to reducing them.

Vikan Environmental Policy

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Vikan Waste Guide

Vikan products are designed to be robust and durable. This means that Vikan tools can be used for longer periods of time and thereby reducing waste. We always offer our customers information on the most environmentally friendly way to recycle or throw away Vikan products and Vikan packaging. 

Vikan Waste Guide

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Annual Vikan Sustainability Progress Reports

The Vikan Sustainability Progress Reports cover activities, progress and focus areas for the coming year. 

Sustainability Progress Reports

Material Fact Sheet

Recycled or regenerated plastics are used in several Vikan products. However, the plastic materials used to produce our hygiene range of cleaning tools are strictly regulated, as these products are designed to come into direct or indirect contact with food. Read more in the Material Fact Sheet.

Material Fact Sheet


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Vikan Green Team

Ideas for improvement often come from Vikan employees. To collect and implement these proposed initiatives, we established the Vikan Green Team in 2018 as a cross-functional team.

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Contact us

If you would like more detailed information about our corporate sustainability responsibility, please feel free to contact us by email at

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Whistleblower Scheme

Vikan has an internal whistleblower scheme, providing the opportunity to report concerns and reasonable suspicions about certain irregularities or violations of rules committed or likely to be committed by Vikan or its employees or management.

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