Remco Products Color-Coding Toolkit

Color-Coding for Food Safety

Color-Coding Toolkit for Food Processing Facilities

Color-coding has played an increased role in food safety since FSMA was introduced in 2011 and the focus shifted from responding to food safety problems to preventing them. Color-coding can play many parts in a food safety facility, from being part of an allergen SOP to being used as a preventive control, to being used as simply another food safety measure.

More and more food processors are considering using color-coding throughout their facilities to manage food safety concerns like cross-contamination or allergen cross-contact incidents. When properly implemented, a color-coding plan may help prevent food safety incidents and is looked upon favorably by customers and inspectors as a practice that shows dedication and due diligence for food safety.

Remco’s full color-coding kit contains materials designed to help you decide if color-coding is right for you, whether you own a small business or work for a large international network of food processing plants.

This informative color-coding kit will help you understand:

  • Regulations that could impact your food processing operations
  • How food processors use color-coding to prevent costly recalls
  • Guidelines for creating a successful color-coding system to prevent cross-contamination
  • The different roles color-coding can play in food safety plans

Color-Coding Materials

Making the Decision to Apply Color-Coding White Paper
Remco White Paper: Making the Decision to Apply Color-Coding
Color-coding can help solve a number of problems for food processing facilities. Read this guide to find out how it could help your operation.
Download Whitepaper

Vikan’s Guide to Color-Coding
Vikan Guide: Color-Coding
Learn how to implement color-coding and how it can help food processing facilities comply with regulations and standards.
Download the Guide

Color-Coding as a Preventive Control
White Paper: Color-Coding as a Preventive Control
This white paper illustrates how color-coding can be used as a preventive control in food production plants.
Download the Guide

10 Things to Know About Color-Coding
Blog Series: 10 Things to Know About Color-Coding
This series of 10 blog posts covers tips for implementation and creating a plan from scratch.
Download the Series

Food Safety Culture – Color-Coding for the Color-Blind
Food Safety Culture Article: Color-Coding for the Color-Blind
Color-blind employees need not be left out of the benefits of color-coding when the right shades are chosen.
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Color-Coded Tools in the Food Industry
Remco Article: Color-Coded Tools in the Food Industry
Read this article for information on best practices and color-coding setup tips.
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Adding a New Color to a Color-Coding Plan
Remco Article: Adding a New Color to a Color-Coding Plan
Education and training are key to adding new colors to an existing plan. Read this guide for more.
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Color-Coding Checklist
Checklist: Is Color-Coding Right for Your Food Processing Facility?
Can color-coding help your food processing plant? Go through this checklist to find out.
Download the Checklist