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Remco Virtual Tradeshow Schedule

Upcoming Virtual Trade Shows

While we look forward to the return of in-person trade shows, we’re pleased to be participating in the following virtual shows:
  • Food Safety Summit
    October 19-22
    Bookmark our booth by following this link.
  • IAFP 
    October 26-28
    More information to come!
  • SQF Global
    October 27-30
    More information to come!
  • ISSA 
    November 16-19
    Look for more about this show in next month’s newsletter.
If you plan to attend any of these shows, please stop by our digital booth! We’ll have our sales staff available to answer any questions you may have, literature available to download, and samples available so you can see the Remco and Vikan difference yourself. 

And by the way, if you aren't attending any of these shows but you would like product samples, literature, or support, please contact the BDM in your area, and we will gladly help. Request a site visit
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Vikan Grow-by-Learning Webinar on Biofilms

Join Debra Smith, global hygiene specialist at Vikan, as she shares her expertise during “What are biofilms and how can they be controlled?” on Oct. 21st at 9 a.m. EDT. This webinar answers what biofilms are, how they’re formed and why they’re such a serious problem and risk in food production facilities, along with giving you a better understanding of how they can be controlled.
Webinar Sign-Up
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New White Paper – The Role of Manual Cleaning in Biofilm Prevention and Removal

Learn more about how manual cleaning can be used to control biofilms in the food industry with this expansive white paper. From regulatory requirements, to where they’re most often found in food processing facilities, and how to combat biofilms and which tools to use, this white paper will give you the knowledge you need to help prevent and destroy biofilms.
Download the White Paper
Vikan Drain Cleaning Brush

Drain Cleaning for Biofilm Prevention

Drains are often the culprits behind biofilm formation and spread in the food industry. They should be cleaned regularly, and only with tools designated specifically for drains to prevent cross-contamination. We recommend our pipe brush, which attaches to any Vikan handle for easy use.

Request Sample of Drain Cleaning Brush
Request a Sample of the Pipe Brush

Different brushes are needed for different size drains, or for cleaning out pipes, which can also harbor biofilms. Below are our recommended tools for dealing with biofilms.
Remco New Products Literature

Our New Product Sheet is Available to Download

Wondering what’s new with Remco and Vikan? Check out our updated New Product Sheet for the latest information on our offerings. Included is our High-Temp Hand Scraper and Vikan’s Ultra Slim Wand Brush, Narrow Long-Handle Cleaning Brush, and 2-Liter Cleaning Jug.
Download our New Products Sheet
Remco 2020 Product Catalog

Download or Order a New Catalog

Our new catalog is available for download now! If you would like to request physical copies of the catalog, please email and let our customer service associates know the amount you’ll need. Our updated catalog features the Vikan transport line, our non-stock items, and our newest products.
Download the 2020 Catalog
Vikan September color-coding tip

Color-Coding Tip of the Month

Good practice examples of color-coding by use: Drains
Black is commonly used for drains, engineering, and outside areas, as it does not show the dirt. Learn more best color-coding best practices with Vikan's Guide to Color-Coding
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