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Webinar: Cleaning validation of cleaning tools, sponsored by IAFP

Remco’s Amit Kheradia will be presenting a webinar on cleaning validation for cleaning tools, organized by the Food Hygiene and Sanitation PDG and sponsored by the IAFP Foundation, on June 10th at 11 a.m. EST. The webinar will cover U.S. and global standards, and give participants a complete picture of how to create and execute cleaning validation for tools.
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Deep cleaning with Vikan tools

Deep cleaning guide to restart operations after a shutdown

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting normal operations for countless food and beverage manufacturers. As food production plants and restaurants begin to re-open, they need the best available guidance (compiled here) on deep cleaning after a shut-down. This easily digestible guide provides tips, to-do lists, staff training guidance, and a list of tools to support deep cleaning efforts. Read the guide.
Vikan detail and round scrub brushes

Sample our Detail Brush and Round Scrub Brush for deep cleaning

The detail brush (4401x) is a small, compact hand brush that can clean in and around gaskets, rubber strips, and joints on machinery. It can also reach into the small spaces on link conveyor belts, or any small nooks and crannies on your equipment.
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The Round Scrub Brush (3885x) is ideal for deep cleaning because workers can exert more pressure on the rounded grip while keeping their hands away from harsh chemicals. It’s also able to clean inside of machinery that has small entry points. Both come in five colors.
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Vikan measuring jug

COVID-19 information from around the world, available on one page

We’re continually updating the information we offer on the food industry’s response and responsibilities for COVID-19. Stay up-to-date on the latest information from the FDA, global food agencies, and experts like Vikan’s Deb Smith, global hygiene expert, and our own Amit Kheradia, education and technical support manager. You’ll find our entire suite of webinars, white pages, and articles at
Vikan new length Ultra Hygiene handles

New Ultra Hygiene Handle lengths—coming soon!

Look for new Ultra Hygiene Handles in July, when we’ll be offering 25.6” and 40” handles. These shorter handles are great for tasks that don’t require a lot of reach, including cleaning drains or conveyor belts. They will come in our standard five colors.
Vikan transport line

Vikan’s transport line helps keep your fleet safe and on the road

Over the last few months, it’s become even more clear that the health and well-being of drivers and customers is paramount to the food transportation industry. Empower drivers and support staff with cleaning tools from the world-class Vikan transportation line so they can help keep your fleet safe. To see the tools in this line, visit this link.
Vikan May color-coding tip

Color-Coding Tip of the Month

Fully carry out the color-coding program.
Implement your color-coding system within all the zones affected at the same time. For greater clarity, have a definite date for phasing out your old system, and a clear start date for your new color-coded system.
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