Remco March newsletter

Remco’s Statement Regarding Coronavirus

At Remco, we have made a number of changes to our daily operations to account for the challenges presented by the global coronavirus outbreak. It's through these changes that we plan to continue providing our high-quality tools, support, and knowledge so that food suppliers and other essential businesses may continue to function safely and effectively. For more details on Remco's response to COVID-19, click the link below:
COVID-19 Statement
Vikan measuring jug

New Product Spotlight: Measuring Jug (6000x)

Pick your unit of measurement (milliliters, UK gallons, US gallons) when filling and pouring ingredients from this cleverly designed jug. An elongated spout and optimized handle ensure easy, precise pouring, while the wide bottom ensures stability and hygienic cleaning.
Vikan March color-coding tip

Color-Coding Tip of the Month

Select colors that will accommodate all your cleaning and food handling needs.
We recommend using the standard colors (green, blue, red, white, and yellow) in the larger color zones where many different kinds of cleaning equipment and food handling tools are needed. Use other colors - such as pink, orange, purple, and lime – in smaller areas focused on high risk and allergen control that use fewer cleaning equipment and food handling tools.
coronavirus illustration

Blog: Minimizing the Risk of COVID-19 Infection in Food Manufacturing

Cleaning equipment, workers, and the production environment itself can all contribute to the spread of COVID-19. Learn the latest best practices in keeping workers safe and food processing plants running through this article by Deb Smith, Vikan’s hygiene and sanitation expert.
View the blog
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