Remco December Newsletter

Holiday Closure and Re-opening Dates

Remco will be closed for the holidays starting on December 24th and we’ll reopen on January 4th. To ensure your domestic order arrives before the holidays, please order on or before December 18th. We look forward to supplying you with high-quality hygienically designed tools in 2021!
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Top Dog PPE

Top Dog Offers a Better PPE Solution

Want a better option than disposable aprons for your PPE needs? Try Top Dog's reusable one-piece aprons. With a new logo and the same great products, the Top Dog line offers PPE that can be used, laundered, and reused again and again. The 6 mil apron comes in two lengths, 45" and 50", and can be paired with sleeves (8401x, 8402x), for maximum safety. ​​​​

Sample Top Dog aprons
White Remco hand scoop

Remco’s Tools are Playing a Critical Role in Covid Vaccine Distribution

Remco’s Tools are Playing a Critical Role in Covid Vaccine Distribution
Remco has proudly provided tools and guidance to help food manufactures mitigate the risk of Covid in production facilities while maintaining their high food safety and quality standards. Now, Remco’s material handling tools - hand scoops and shovels - are playing a critical role in the distribution of Covid vaccines across the US.
Learn about our Part in the COVID Vaccine Distribution
2020 year end review

A Year in Food Safety

Our educational manager, Amit Kheradia, looks back at 2020 from a food safety and regulations point-of-view. What changed, and what have we learned in one of the most tumultuous years in recent memory? And, what can we look forward to next year? He covers regulatory and food safety system standard changes and important company news, all while also tackling what we can expect in 2021.
Read about Food Safety in 2020 Here
December Vikan color-coding tip

Color-Coding Tip of the Month

Good practice examples of color-coding: Color-coding by zone
Designate colors to zones to differentiate the tools and equipment that belong to each zone. This can help with many things – from the prevention of contamination to proper organization and storage of tools – and helps keep employees accountable for the tools in their work zone.
Learn more best color-coding best practices with Vikan's Guide to Color-Coding
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