Remco Products Newsletter - Q3 2017
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Handle Mounted Stainless Steel Scrapers
4010x / 4011x
Introducing the Vikan 2” Handle Mounted Stainless Steel Scraper (4010x) and Vikan 4” Handle Mounted Stainless Steel Scraper (4011x). These scrapers can be attached to any Vikan handle, extending their reach to distant and challenging areas. Great for use in bakery settings, these tools are especially effective at removing sticky dough, chocolate, and caramel, as well as a variety of burnt foods. FDA compliant, and available in up to 9 colors, these scrapers are a great addition to a color-coded cleaning program.
New Products
1. Remco Lobby Dustpan w/ Broom (6250x) - Available in 9 colors
2. Vikan Grout Brush (7040x) - Available in 5 colors
3. Remco Small Stainless Steel Hand Scraper (6971x) - Available in 9 colors
4. Remco Large Stainless Steel Hand Scraper (6972x) - Available in 9 colors
5. Vikan Hook Brush (5372x) - Available in 6 colors
6. Vikan Bottle Brush (5381-90-x) - Available in 6 colors
HACCP vs. HARPC: A Comparison White Paper

HACCP and HARPC share more than just four letters. They’re both food safety standards based on prevention, but they do differ on execution. Their differences and the similarities aren’t as important as the way they fit together for most food processors, though. A HARPC plan shouldn’t be considered as a replacement, but as a necessary upgrade to the conventional HACCP plan. Understanding how the systems fit together is the first step toward implementing both.

This white paper will help you understand:

  1. Key comparison points between HACCP and HARPC
  2. HARPC as an upgrade to HACCP
  3. How HACCP works
  4. 12 steps of HACCP
  5. How HARPC works
  6. 7 steps of HARPC

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In the News
F.D.A. introduces software tool to help with FSMA compliance
The Food and Drug Administration has introduced Food Safety Plan Builder, a free software tool food and beverage manufacturers may use to develop food safety plans that are in compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

The F.D.A. said the software, which is primarily intended for use by small manufacturers, will guide operators through the step-by-step process of creating a food safety plan as required by FSMA.
12 Tips for Flood Recovery
In the days since Hurricane Harvey's impact, AIB has fielded a number of calls from facilities directly impacted by the hurricane, as well as companies whose suppliers were impacted. While circumstances vary at each affected site, these general guidelines for recovery from a major weather incident are based upon our collective experience, commonly accepted best practices, and publicly available sources of information.
Use, Care & Maintenance of Cleaning Tools
To ensure tools have a longer utility and lifespan, they must be properly cared for. Cleaning your tools should be approached in the same manner that you clean any other equipment or surface in your facility.

There are 8 cleaning principles of care and maintenance to follow in order to achieve optimal tool utility and lifespan.
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