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Join Us at IAFP, Booth #321
Remco Products and Vikan are proud to present a Technical Food Safety Seminar Program at this year's IAFP convention. The speakers will discuss several timely sanitation and hygiene topics during their brief presentations and be available to answer questions from the audience. Each presentation will last approximately 15 minutes. We look forward to seeing you there.
Food Safety Culture and Color-Coding Webinar
This webinar presents the importance of the color-coding system as a viable way to promote a system of food safety culture for your employees and the food establishment.

Join Amit Kheradia, the Education & Technical Support Manager at Remco Products to learn and discover:

  • How cross-contamination can be avoided in a food processing facility
  • How color-coding helps employees easily identify tools and ingredients used in production
  • The key challenges and opportunities when implementing a color-coding system
New: Remco Lobby Dustpan w/ Broom
The color-coded lobby dustpan and broom set is constructed entirely of FDA-approved materials and it is available in nine colors to support color-coding HACCP plans. This lobby dustpan was created with food processors and food service workers in mind. The large, 7” by 14” bin allows for big and small cleanup jobs while the tall, 37” handle prevents back pain that stems from leaning over shorter dustpans. This product is durable and made of the highest-quality materials here in the USA.
New Products
New products by Remco Products
1. Vikan Grout Brush (7040x) - Available in 5 colors
2. Remco Small Stainless Steel Hand Scraper (6971x) - Available in 9 colors
3. Remco Large Stainless Steel Hand Scraper (6972x) - Available in 9 colors
4. Vikan 5 Gallon Bucket (5692x) - Available in 5 colors
5. Vikan 5 Gallon Bucket Lid (5693x) - Available in 5 colors
6. Vikan Hook Brush (5372x) - Available in 6 colors
7. Vikan Bottle Brush (5381-90-x) - Available in 6 colors
FDA Final Rule on the Sanitary Transportation of Food Compliance Gains Momentum

The FDA’s final rule on the sanitary transportation of food went into effect June 6, 2016. Though larger carriers, shippers, and receivers should have their compliance plans in place, smaller companies still have about a year to comply.

This final rule—the sixth of seven rulemakings for FSMA—was based on a combination of the Sanitary Transportation of Food Act of 2005 and about 240 submissions from transportation companies, food safety organizations, consumer advocacy groups, and more.

The rulemaking has been proposed to ensure:

  • 1. Proper refrigeration during transportation of foods that require it;
  • 2. That vehicles and food storage are adequately cleaned and sanitized; and
  • 3. That there is adequate protection for food during transport.

Foods that are covered under the ruling includes all FDA-regulated human food and animal (including pet) food, with a few exemptions:

  • · Compressed food gasses
  • · Live animals
  • · Transportation performed by a farm
  • · Food completely enclosed containers or packaging that doesn’t require Temperature Control for Safety (TCS)

Though the FDA doesn’t have exact numbers or predictions on how this ruling will affect food safety, they have estimated that the total first year cost will be $162.7 million, with the total annual cost estimated at $93.5 million.

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In the News
Sanitation Solutions for Pest Problems
It’s no surprise that food manufacturing and processing environments are naturally vulnerable to food safety threats. Food processing environments have all the things a pest needs to thrive: Food, water and shelter. And if poor sanitation is added to the mix, pests can find your food processing plant absolutely irresistible.

However, there are a few key best practices that can be applied to any facility to help protect against pests.
Listeria Challenges Safe Cheese Production
Listeria is a notorious safety issue. Listeria infections can develop into serious complications, including pneumonia, bacteremia, and meningitis. It can cause complications in pregnancy and may result in miscarriage or stillbirth. Although rare, its high fatality rate among young, elderly, pregnant, or otherwise immunocompromised individuals has led the U.S. to declare Listeria one of three zero-tolerance microorganisms in ready-to-eat foods.
Mitigating Hotspots in Your Food Processing Plant
Microbial hotspots—problem areas or equipment that chronically harbor microbes—are often to blame when a food safety or food quality issue arises in a processing plant. That’s why it’s important for plant managers to address chronic contamination.

Take these five steps to develop an action plan to wipe out hotspots in your plant:
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