New Products

Vikan Bottle Brush - 5381-90-3

Bottle Brush

Vikan Bottle Brush Series 5381-90 Available in 6 colors Manufactured with no joint between the handle and brush head, the brush removes a common repository of contaminants. When cleaning, it’s the brush bristle tips that do most of the cleaning. The brush head features extra-stiff bristles at the front, enabling you to clean more quickly …

Vikan Hook Brush - 53723

Hook Brush

Vikan Hook Brush Series 5372 Available in 6 colors Cleaning between and around pipes is made easier with the curved design of the hook brush. The hand grip utilizes a threaded recess on the end that allows another handle to be connected to the brush. When connected to a Vikan handle, the extended hook brush …

Vikan Grout Brush - 70403

Grout Brush

Vikan Grout Brush Series 7040 Available in 5 colors This brush is excellent for scrubbing in difficult to reach areas or areas where you only have limited space. The grout brush is suitable for cleaning under equipment, between equipment, getting into corners, cleaning the crevices between floors and walls. The grout brush, with extra stiff angle cut bristles, …