2018 IAFP Speakers: Presented by Remco Products

Technical Food Safety Seminar Program

Join us in booth #1013 for 15-20 minute presentations

Remco and Vikan will host a series of short talks from industry leaders at IAFP 2018. The speakers will discuss several timely sanitation and hygiene topics during their brief presentations and be available to answer questions from the audience. The schedule, speakers, and topics are listed below. We look forward to seeing you there.

For more information, contact Aaron Patch apatch@remcoproducts.com

Sunday – July 8, 2018
Monday – July 9, 2018
Tuesday – July 10, 2018


Karl Thorson photo

Karl Thorson

Food Safety and Quality Manager, General Mills
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Treat Water Like Glass: Our War on Water Using Dry Cleaning Methods

Uncontrolled water is potentially a significant contributor to the growth and persistence of pathogens in food processing environments. Just as glass and brittle plastic are physical hazards that require control programs, we are proposing that uncontrolled water should also require a specific control program.

Amit Kheradia photo

Amit Kheradia

Education & Technical Support Manager, Remco Products Corporation
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Color-Coding as a Preventive Control

Color-coding can be a key preventive control if designed, implemented, and reviewed properly by the site. Moreover, colors act as visual cues that promote food safety culture among employees in an organization if they are well trained and educated on the purpose of such a prevention program.

Allergen Control

Food allergies affect up to 15 million Americans, and the only practical remedy for them is to avoid those foods containing the allergens. This presentation presents some tested strategies, from Remco and Vikan, for avoiding and minimizing allergen cross-contact incidences in a processing facility.

Stine Lønnerup Bislev photo

Stine Lønnerup Bislev

Hygiene and Compliance Manager, Vikan A/S
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Listeria and Cleaning Tools

Listeria are a challenge in many types of food production. Once established in a food production facility, some strains of Listeria can be very difficult to liminate. This presentation highlights the most common hideouts for Listeria in food production environments and offers useful advice on how to optimise environmental Listeria control.

What GFSI Standards Say About Cleaning Tools

Want to optimise your audit compliance to BRC, FSSC22000 and SQF food safety standards? Find out what these GFSI-approved food safety schemes require regarding the selection and maintenance of cleaning tools and utensils and hereby promote the food safety in your production.

Gene Bartholomew photo

Gene Bartholomew, Ph.D

Food Safety Consultant, Smithfield Foods
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Validation vs Verification

Focusing on the differences in validation and verification for hazard control as required by SQF and other GFSI food safety schemes. The talk will provide definitions of each term, examples of acceptable and unacceptable validation and verification activities, and how to effectively revalidate your process(es) annually.

Melody Ge photo

Melody Ge

Senior Consultant, Kestrel Management
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Sanitation, did we do it right?

Sanitation, as the preventive control in newly required FSMA, it is crucial at a facility for food safety prevention. During the presentation, we will share the updated requirements for FSMA and GFSI compliance, lesson learned and recommended practices for the industry sanitation program depending on different product categories. Lastly, we will share some helpful tools for consideration to develop your own sanitation program.