Company Values

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Remco Products Company Values


We do what’s right because it’s right.
Regardless of who is watching or what the rewards or penalties might be, we will do our best to ALWAYS make decisions based on moral and ethical clarity and an adherence to our company’s values.


We own the results of our actions.
We take responsibility for our individual actions and those of our company. We resolve our issues and just as importantly, we celebrate our victories.

Honest Communication

We speak truthfully, listen intently, and understand completely.
We respect others by communicating clearly and honestly, listening carefully to what they have to say, and most importantly by putting forth the effort to truly understand their point of view.


We will not settle for “good enough.”
We take every opportunity to exceed expectations of others in all that we do. Whether it’s our people, our products or the service we offer, we acknowledge that “good enough” is merely meeting expectations, not exceeding them. Our intent is to always exceed expectations.


We support our customers, our co-workers, and our community.
By focusing on the needs of our customers and our coworkers, we create a safe supportive culture of exceptional customer support and one where we are all looking out for each other equally. By supporting our community and the industries where we work, we show our gratitude for the opportunities they give us.


We bring positive energy every day.
Positive energy and attitude are infectious. We will always bring positive energy and enthusiasm to our interactions with customers and coworkers thereby creating a culture of happiness and


We take action with the future in mind.
In everything we do, we consider the long term success of our customers, our coworkers, and ultimately our company.