Color-Coding Food Safety Programs in Food Processing White Paper

Color-coding food safety

Color-coding food safety programs can help combat cross-contamination

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Heightened food safety regulations are driving the need for documented food safety management systems. As a result, more food processors may consider using color-coding throughout their facilities to help manage food safety risks. It’s been shown that with proper implementation, the benefits of a color-coding system can outweigh the costs. In any case, while it is not yet a firm requirement by law, color-coding food safety programs are looked upon favorably by customers and inspectors as a practice that shows dedication and due diligence for production.

Color-coding food safety programs white paperColor-coding food safety programs is useful for sanitation zones and preventing cross-contamination. This white paper will help you understand:

• Regulations that could impact your food processing operations
• How food processors use color-coding to prevent costly recalls
• Guidelines for creating a successful color-coding system to prevent cross-contamination

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