Remco Products supplies quality color-coded tools for environments where hygiene and efficiency are essential.

The tools supplied by Remco have played a critical role in food safety for more than 35 years. From the start, Remco has helped food manufacturers by providing hygienic, innovative, durable, and efficient tools. Remco also offers its superior tools in a wide range of colors to support color-coding programs. Remco’s color-coded products and unmatched customer support help manufacturers improve food safety and meet regulatory compliance.

Almost since its beginning, Remco has partnered with Vikan—an international leader in producing sanitation tools—to offer a robust selection of tools and solutions to customers throughout North America. In 2018, that partnership grew even closer with Remco joining the Vikan family.

At Remco and Vikan, we value customer support and personal touch—from the people sitting in our offices answering customers’ phone calls to the business development managers who visit customers in the field.

As Vikan’s dedicated presence in North America, Remco will deliver even greater support to our customers. With our combined industry knowledge, world-class manufacturing capabilities, and exceptional customer service, we are even better positioned to help our customers improve their own food safety efforts.

Learn more about Remco’s relationship with Vikan in this video:

Reasons Distributors Work with Remco

  • No minimum orders
    • Reduce inventory costs
    • Ease of doing business
    • Flexibility
  • Sample programs
    • Shows customers our quality products
    • Products sell themselves
    • Low-hassle—end-users can request online
  • Three-day shipping
    • Convenient and flexible
    • Helpful for end-user audits
    • Distributors can restock quickly
  • Professional customer service agents
    • Talk to our in-house product experts
    • Dedicated go-to place to ask questions
    • Available via email and phone during business hours
  • No broken case fees
    • Reduces costs
    • Allows for pricing consistency
    • Increases ease of doing business
  • No-fee drop shipping
    • No inventory costs
    • Convenience for end-users and distributors
    • Products get to customers quicker
  • Robust stocking
    • Limits backorders
    • Shipments get to end-users faster
  • We never sell directly to end-users
    • You’re our partner, not a competitor
    • We won’t go around or undercut our distributors

Product Lines

Remco Products’ Manufactured Line

Remco Products manufactures a product line predominately consisting of injected molded polypropylene products. It also includes a number of items produced by extrusion, shaping, or other manufacturing operations. Many of these tools are color-coded and made from FDA-compliant materials.

We constantly strive to improve our current products and to introduce new products to provide solutions for our customers in the field. Remco’s paddle scrapers, food hoes, ceiling squeegees, and metal detectable products are good examples of this. In our ongoing effort to grow our product line while offering solutions to industry challenges, we invite feedback and ideas from our customers. Our size—small enough to be responsive yet big enough to supply the required resources—often puts us in a position to be able to help.

Vikan is a global provider of maximum hygiene cleaning tools

Vikan is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of maximum hygiene cleaning tools with over 115 years of brush-making experience. Based on the needs of our customers and regulatory requirements, Vikan develops, produces and sells a broad range of cleaning solutions which are primarily intended for:

  • Food & beverage processing
  • Kitchens & restaurants
  • Healthcare
  • Education & municipalities
  • Retail & supermarkets
  • Transport