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HACCP Planning Resource

Learn more about HACCP planning by checking out Remco's resources.

HACCP is a good foundation for a food safety program, and our white paper will help you learn the basics.

HACCP vs. HARPC: A Comparison White Paper

Learn about the differences bewteen HACCP and HARPC and how the two work together to improve food safety.

A HARPC plan shouldn’t be considered as a replacement, but as a necessary upgrade to the conventional HACCP plan.

New to Remco Products?

Remco provides specialized solutions and products including color-coded tools for cleaning and material handling where hygiene and safety are critical. The introduction of a food-safe poly shovel more than 30 years ago established Remco as an industry pioneer of hygienic design. In addition to our shovels, scoops, and scrapers, Remco has a 30-year partnership with Vikan, a global leader in supplying hygienically designed products. Their 120+ years of experience and focus on hygienic design makes it a natural partnership and strengthens our ability to provide comprehensive solutions to food processors. We also offer other products the food industry relies on, like tubs, dustpans, retort separator sheets, and hazmat clean-up tools.

Beyond our products, our organizational culture is built around our company values, including support, passion, integrity, and excellence. We believe we have a role to play in the food-safety field through sharing our knowledge, experience, and passion for food safety. By making information on the latest safety news, regulations, and best practices accessible via our social media and our website, we hope to provide the industry with the support needed to combat food-related hazards. Our library of white papers and articles are designed to help you find the right solutions to your food safety challenges. At Remco, you’ll find people who truly care about food safety and sanitation. We believe that safe food starts with the right tools.