New Ceiling Squeegee

For the problem of ceiling condensation, Remco offers a newly designed ceiling squeegee from
Vikan®, and will feature the new tool at the IFT Food Expo® 2012. This brand new version
features a one-piece, color-coded head with no screws or end caps, making for a streamlined
tool that can easily capture and remove nuisance moisture. While other methods for controlling
condensation have proven cumbersome and expensive, Remco’s ceiling squeegee system is
simple and cost effective.

The new ceiling squeegee is available in green, blue, red, white, and yellow. Remco offers
several options for draining handles that work in tandem with this squeegee to provide a system
that makes the removal of ceiling condensation less of a chore.

When left unaddressed, ceiling condensation can pose several problems. Moisture that is
allowed to remain on pipes and costly equipment can cause damaging corrosion. Condensation
can also build up and drip down into the food processing system, threatening contamination
of the end product. This moisture also provides an ideal environment for mold and bacteria to

Remco’s wide selection of products includes polypropylene shovels, scoops, scrapers, kart tubs,
and mixing paddles in addition to a line of color-coded metal detectable products. Remco also
offers an expansive selection of Vikan® products including brooms, brushes, squeegees, pails,
and handles.

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