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Our business is focused at providing high-quality, color-coded cleaning and material-handling tools for the food processing industry. Our products are also commonly sourced for janitorial, sanitation, industrial, safety, hazmat, pharmaceutical, and foodservice applications as well. We offer two distinct and complimentary lines of products:

  1. Remco Products, Your Partners in Hygiene
  2. Vikan® cleaning tools, for which we are the exclusive U.S. based supplier

We sell only to distributors, and have since the very beginning. We hold great pride in the highly-regarded distributor network we have built.

The products offered by Remco are ideal for compliance with today’s stringent regulations and HACCP guidelines. The hygienic tools we supply provide the ultimate step in quality assurance and safety. Remco continues to increase customer loyalty by expanding inventories and maintaining a well-earned reputation for excellent customer service.

Where to buy Remco Products:

Remco Products sells through its network of distributors. If you would like to purchase products for Remco and need help finding a distributor, we can help. Click here to learn more.