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2017 Letter from the President of Remco Products

As we look forward to the rest of 2017, I am excited about the future of Remco. 2016 was a banner year for Remco and we are reinvesting in our business to ensure the continued success of our customers. This year Remco has already added four new staff positions that directly support our customers. We added an additional business development manager, an account manager, a new market development manager, and a product manager. In 2017, we also plan to add two additional business development managers and an education and technical support manager. All of these new positions strengthen the level of support that we can provide our customers and further my goal of making Remco a trusted partner in food manufacturing sanitation programs.

With the growth in Remco’s staffing levels, we are also growing the physical space of our offices. We are currently in the midst of a construction and renovation project that will add new conference rooms and a large new meeting room, and revamp existing offices. The total project will effectively double the amount of usable office space at our facility and provide improved opportunities for on-site food safety trainings and presentations.

Thank you for your continued business and we look forward to helping in your success.

Mike Garrison

Catalogs Now Available in French and Spanish

For the convenience of our customers, we now offer our catalogs in two additional languages. Québécois French was requested by our Canadian customers who wanted an easier way to browse our hygienically designed color-coded tools in their native language. A Latin American Spanish catalog is also available. Our catalogs contain category descriptions and each of our products along with their color availability and technical specs.

To order a catalog in a non-English language, please choose the appropriate language in the drop-down “Catalog Type” field on the catalog request form on this page of our website. You can also instantly download a full PDF of our catalog in all three languages on the same page if you prefer digital.

Remco Releases Educational Information About HACCP

ZIONSVILLE, IND (August 28, 2013)- In order to keep the food supply secure, food safety professionals must understand and implement several very complex regulations. Remco has created resources to help food processors better understand those regulations that their facilities must deal with on a daily basis. Primarily dealing with HACCP regulations, these resources help those in the food processing industry determine what these regulations mean for them and their business.

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Remco Product’s Blog Series Teaches Ten Things To Know About Color-Coding

ZIONSVILLE, IND. (July 25, 2013) To make color-coding food processing facilities easier, and to give processors more tools at their disposal, Remco Products has published a blog series, 10 Things to Know About Color-Coding. The series goes in depth on ten important things every food processor should know about color-coding.

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New Ceiling Squeegee

For the problem of ceiling condensation, Remco offers a newly designed ceiling squeegee from
Vikan®, and will feature the new tool at the IFT Food Expo® 2012. This brand new version
features a one-piece, color-coded head with no screws or end caps, making for a streamlined
tool that can easily capture and remove nuisance moisture. While other methods for controlling
condensation have proven cumbersome and expensive, Remco’s ceiling squeegee system is
simple and cost effective.

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