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Remco and Vikan® brands offer the most tools in the most colors for flexibility in designing comprehensive color-coding systems.

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We Provide Color-Coded Tools for the Food Processing Industry

Color-coded tools support food safety programs and HACCP compliance. Find out more about Remco and Vikan® brand tools.

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Remco is the Exclusive Vikan® Partner in the US. Vikan is a leading manufacturer of maximum hygiene cleaning tools.

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Vikan EDGE Brushes

Color-Coding Blog Series

Check out the blog series "10 Things to Know About Color-Coding" to learn about common industry practices.

Food Processing CGMPs

CGMPs are the basis for every written food safety plan. Learn about the requirements of 21 CFR 110.

HACCP Planning Resource

HACCP is a good foundation for a food safety program, and our white paper will help you learn the basics.

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Remco has built a solid reputation of excellence in both products and service over the last three decades. Find out more about how we can work with you to build effective color-coding programs.